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  • Exude ‘tude and stay visible.

Smart self-promoters are always planting seeds for the future. They know that in a fast-breaking world, they need to break through the clutter and become memorable. Think of yourself as a glossy magazine…a magazine has to have advertising in order to survive.

  • Put Your Personal Mark on Everything.

The more people hear and see your name, the quicker you can build a reputation. Use every tool at your disposal in a strategic way: Use the signature feature on email; convey warmth in an email; use your business cards to exchange information; find a reason to send personal notes on your stationery.

  • Develop a narrative.

Never miss out on opportunities. Always have something bright and interesting and self-advancing about your latest achievements or adventures to talk about. "Have a pulse" is the rule. Energy begets energy which begets getting noticed.

  • Be consistent.

Dependable consistency of mood, dress, performance and respect for others makes people comfortable and builds great reputations. And when you say you’re going to do something, do it.

  • Know Something.

Power brokers, king makers share one thing in common: they use information as the currency of the realm. Establish credibility by becoming a source of tips, suggestions, recommendations.



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