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Last month’s eview ended with writer Jeffrey A. Fox’s exhortation, "Don’t Send a Resume."  Fox is a big believer in marketing yourself like a box of cereal…especially now when there are lots of great cereals available.

Go through the checklist before you put yourself out on the shelf:

DON’T SEND A RESUME.  Instead, identify a company you’re interested in and launch a full-scale campaign to get an appointment.  Don’t send a resume – go to your network (see LinkedIn) and ask your connections if they can arrange a meeting.  Don’t send a resume – market yourself by looking fabulous and start conversations that are amusing and engaging.

OFFER TO DO A DEMONSTRATION.  La Dulce Divas is a new bakery in Englewood, NJ selling the most scrumptious delicacies.  Every time I walk in there’s a plate set out with samples of their delectable brownies, s’mores and iced lemon bars.  Rather than tell people how clever and resourceful you are, serve it up. 

USP. In advertising parlance, your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is what differentiates you from the competition.  What are your strengths and how do they make you a standout?  Can you make friends everywhere you go?   That’s a great quality for building new business.  Are you adept at leading a meeting with disparate points of view?  Are you indefatigably optimistic?  These are just two of the hallmarks of an authentic leader.

PACKAGING. Do you look smart and cool?  Accomplished and with-it?  Does your outer packaging match your personal narrative about what you do?  If I bumped into you on the street would I assume you’re wonderful to spend time with or would I worry about your state of mind?  First impressions count especially when you’re pushing a cart down a crowded aisle.  If you’re like me, you prefer a great looking package.

PRESENCE. There are people that exude a certain "attitude." They’re fun to be around.  They laugh, they listen, they share, they counsel, they celebrate, they validate, they sympathize, they empathize, they brainstorm, they encourage.  Their presence – energy and intelligence – is so bright and illuminating, it’s practically incandescent.  Make no mistake about it – this is not the time to dim the bulbs.


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