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Öif only 30% of applicants remember to send a thank you note after an interview, itís probably a good thing to send a note if you want to stand out and be remembered.

This is what I ask my clients all the time Ė what are you doing to differentiate yourself?

In a hyper competitive workplace with fewer jobs available, you need to market your strengths and talents so that youíre memorable. What are some other ways to keep your name in the frontal lobe of employers, potential employers and networking contacts?

  • Be consistent in the way you present yourself. Your style is a form of armor, meant to enhance your strength. Treat your working wardrobe with proper seriousness. In Hollywood, marketing is more important than the actual making of the movie.
  • Remind people youíre fabulous. Personal, handwritten notes that are charming and delightful to read are the best way to shout true style.
  • Acknowledge your strengths and make sure other people recognize them. Whatís so great about you? A lot. Keep tabs on yourself and toot your own horn.
  • Know whatís going on in the world. Be the person thatís always generous with sharing information. Keep a Zagatís restaurant guide at your desk.
  • No one cares. About your lost glove, your weekend in the rain, your sisterís herpes flare-up. Only share news that will make someone laugh or shed light on something interesting.
  • Donít confuse a preemptive "Iím sorry" with good manners. Apologizing to everyone for everything undermines your credibility and confidence. When youíre expressing your point-of-view, take pride in it and just say it.
  • Put your name on everything. On emails, use the feature that lets you personalize your messages with name, company, contact information. When giving information, write it on the back of your business card.
  • Bluff. If youíre in a meeting and youíre suddenly lost, donít admit your ignorance. As soon as the meeting breaks, decipher the jargon so you can speak the companyís language.
  • Talk pretty to yourself. Experts believe that people who self-motivate with positive, proactive talk (the way youíd encourage your best friend) achieve far more than people who denigrate their abilities.



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