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Is everyone familiar with self-talk? All of us talk to ourselves throughout the day. Sometimes weíre aware of itÖsometimes weíre not. If your self-talk is negative, a steady stream of diminishing conversation is taking place between your ears, affecting your outlook, sabotaging your energy level, your point of view and your message.

Like MUZAK, these steady drumbeats can be really annoying and debilitating. "I look awful." "I get sick just thinking about it." "Iím just no good at that." Etcetera.

I believe self-talk Ė positive, reinforcing self-talk Ė is the critical component to getting past the middle (when most people lose faith in themselves or their work) and projecting a positive image.

We need to reprogram our tapes and listen to something completely different. What does your wife, husband or best friend say to you when youíre feeling demoralized? Do they remind you of your strengths? Do they tell you know terrific you are in so many ways? Transfer their messages onto your self-tape and listen to that.

I call my self-talk station "K-ELS". I love my station. Its positive, self-affirming, self-validating, self-loving message keeps me smiling and in action throughout the day, enabling me to push through the middle and reframe day-to-day frustrations as momentary blips. By relying upon myself to optimize my outlook and keep me on top, I can create the energy and the confidence to go after my biggest dreams.

Let me reassure you that my lips are not moving when Iím listening to my station (unless Cole Porter breaks in and then I have to sing). And my validating messages are not blanket or blather. Iím listening to my counsel, to my high-energy motivations, to my good and common sense that I share with my clients and colleagues. In other words, Iím giving me what Iím giving you Ė consistent, reliable and effective strategy and support.

I love being around motivated, positive people but I donít depend upon them for keeping my attitude upbeat, my energy high and my aspirations even higher. My steady stream of productive commentary is a much nicer companion than the self-castigating remarks I once endured.



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