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This morning, I opened up a catalogue from a store in Charleston called Ben Silver. The catalogue is filled with all these nifty clothes and accessories from saddle shoes to horn-rim glasses to bowties. As I was leafing through it, I thought to myself, "Gee, if someone showed up wearing saddle shoes, I bet they’d stand out."

In this great big virtual world where there are no secretaries to sweet-talk into putting your message in the front of the pile and a job listing can elicit thousands of responses, how do you get noticed?

The road to being different starts with confidence. Don’t wait for someone to hand it to you – hand it to yourself. Acknowledge your gifts, your talents, your originality and work it! Success is a trajectory, a direction that you control with positive expectations of yourself and your capabilities. By setting your compass in the direction of high-performance, you can well afford to take advantage of all the subtle details that make someone memorable. Great manners do it. Sharply written communication does it. A flair for self- presentation nails it. Everything working in sync to ensure that when you enter a room or leave a message, a positive aura surrounds you:

  • Blatant, in-your-face enthusiasm is a great barometer to your self-esteem. A great attitude about life’s curveballs will endear you to others and leave a deep impression upon everyone you meet.
  • An Email’s "Subject" line is the headline to your story. Don’t overlook this introduction to your own personal style by neglecting to change it or even worse, going for the obvious like "Hi".
  • With everyone claiming Attention Deficit Disorder, the chances of getting to paragraph two in a letter or note are increasingly small. Use the first sentence to stop the reader with a snappy and bold declaration or exhortation!
  • Every time you walk out the door, you’re advertising. If you’re selling luxury and by that I mean high-performance, you’d better look luxurious.
  • The cool, laidback persona is on the wane. Today the buzzword is passion. Do you have it? Nothing is more persuasive or memorable than someone who really believes in themselves, their company or their product and wears their heart on their sleeve.
  • Be different. If everyone gets sloppy in the summer and wears creased chinos with a barely-pressed shirt, go all out and wear the crispest, sharpest pants with an equally "spit and polish" long-sleeved shirt and tie. If your co-workers are treading on thin ice with bare shoulders and cropped pants, upstage them with perfectly fitted pants suits or a terrific skirt, camisole and lightweight sweater or jacket.

Cutting a wide swath and going for unforgettable can be very addictive. Trust me.


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