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  1. Donít be afraid. Change is hard. Change is difficult. But change is not impossible.

  2. Donít do it alone. Find a friend. Hire a coach. Find someone who has your interests at heart.

  3. Turn down the volume on those "inner voices. Donít listen to the "experts" unless they really are experts. Itís your life. Period.

  4. Get honest feedback. On the way you look and the things you say. Remember, perception is reality. Is the feedback positive? Great. Are there concerns that hit a nerve? Work on them.

  5. Answer the question: What do I really want? A different job? A new career path? A social life? Someone to love?

  6. Do you have a road map to get there? Do you know someone who does? Ask for help.

  7. Work from the outside-in. Life is easier when weíre dressed for success. Wear a "uniform" Ė simple, elegant clothes that connote confidence, assurance and poise. Wear the uniform everyday. Consider it "protective armor".

  8. Now work from the inside-out. Try something new. Like initiate conversation with a stranger. Or ask your boss if you could discuss a vertical move. Or sell your house and move back to the city.

  9. Remember, weíre all characters in our own novels. If the story you are writing is unsatisfying, rewrite it.

  10. Life is the greatest adventure ride ever invented. A merry-go-round is pleasant, a rollercoaster offers speed. If youíre lusting for adventure, find someone or something to unleash your inner momentum.
    There you go.


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