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…it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy…no one sees leadership potential in a person who keeps their head down, buried in paperwork.

…a fabulous attitude about work/life/friends that translates into outgoing, enthusiastic behavior can put you on the radar screen (and make up for a lack of skills.)

…engraved stationery can be used everyday for a variety of reasons. Once you’re on someone’s radar screen, stay there. Keep your notes handy…at your desk, in your briefcase. Take every opportunity to drop a note. Did your boss recommend a great sushi restaurant in LA? Send him a note. Did a former associate get mentioned in the newspaper? Send a note. Treat notes like Hollywood air kisses…the more the better.

…answering your phone as if you’ve been awakened from a deep sleep is terribly unattractive. [Unless of course someone has called you at two in the morning.] Be alert! Be ready! Life is an adventure.

…the tonality of your hello can open or shut a door to future success. People are attracted to brio and confidence. Once you’ve established a high energy level, it’s easy to segue to "fabulous" or "wonderful" when asked how you’re feeling.

…it’s not difficult to swerve smartly into self-promotion. Especially after an enthusiastic greeting. That is precisely when it’s okay to offer "I’m working on a new project that I’m really excited about" when asked what you’re up to.

…telling people "I’m so busy" is just plain awful and off-putting. I call "busy" the Louis Vuitton Murikama bag…over-hyped and overdone. We’re all busy.

…saying "nothing is doing" is a surefire way to end a conversation on a bleak, boring note. You mean you haven’t seen a movie, read a book, planned a trip? For godsakes, make it up!

…that someone does see you when you go out of the house looking like a wreck. Find a uniform that works on those awful days – I go with black pants, black turtleneck, fabulous black shoes and of course, the coolest and chic-est lipgloss. Can’t style your hair? Pull it into a tight ponytail. You can’t hide and frankly, why would you?

…it’s possible to look great on wet, snowy and slushy mornings. The secret: Wear a knee-length skirt, a gorgeous pair of waterproof boots, a raincoat and a fabulous, crushable, waterproof hat (if it’s not waterproof, spray it with water and stain repellent). Don’t give in to the bad weather – fight it with a dollop of common sense and a double-helping of style and elegance.

…that on the days that you feel terrific, look terrific, sound terrific, everyone around you will think the same.



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