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Want to know what I find seductive in both men and women? It’s not beauty, money, brains, style or long-stemmed roses. It’s competence. I love when someone says they’re going to do something and does it! (Makes my heart race.) I love when someone confirms the receipt of an email. (Makes me weak in the knees.) I love…:

  1. …when someone writes me an email that not only acknowledges my question or statement but follows it up with a complete, legible, spell-checked response.
  2. ...people that show up on time for an appointment. To me, that communicates respect for my time as well as their own.
  3. …short voicemail messages that get right to the point. Unless you spotted me on the cross-town bus and thought I looked like a gazillion dollars, please keep the message to the date, time and reason for the call. And leave a phone number to return it.
  4. …documents that are attached and embedded in the email. In fact, attach the documents before you start writing to ensure that you won’t forget to do it.
  5. … people who return my phone calls within a reasonable period of time. Common sense dictates that business phone calls should be returned within 24 hours.
  6. …pro-active, high-energy types that pick up a phone call when an email request has not been answered rather than stew and complain.
  7. …people who try to figure things out for themselves before asking for help. Between Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, we should all think before we question.
  8. …hearing from old friends but please identify yourself by your full name on the voicemail rather than "Hi, it’s Me". I have a lot of friends named "Me" and it gets confusing.
  9. …a proper introduction that includes my name and my company affiliation whenever I’m meeting a client or a colleague. We should toot our own horn as well as the people we work with.
  10. …crisp, polished, well-organized notes after a meeting has taken place that not only documents what was discussed but details the action steps that need to be taken.
  11. …people with the confidence and the competence to have a meeting or a conversation without being interrupted by incessantly trilling cell phones or blackberries. Now that’s seductive


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