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Isnít it amazing how some people spend their day with their head down, ducking eye contact, never initiating a positive conversation and wonder why theyíre not moving ahead?

Working hard is always good but itís not the means to additional responsibilities, cool titles and extra money. Attitude or should I say a positive attitude is the secret ingredient to leadership and success. The bottom line is that a great attitude is like EZ can get to where you want to go faster.

A great attitude can make up for a lack of skills. There are hundreds of stories of people who got hired and promoted simply on the basis of their attitude Ė their willingness and eagerness to jump on board and start building rewarding relationships with their colleagues. A great attitude can make up for on-the-job experience. Iím always advising clients to lead with their strengths rather than concern themselves with their weaknesses.
A great smile, an upbeat manner is a terrific way to telegraph a great attitude especially for a young graduate trying to get a foothold in corporate America.

What else goes into having a great attitude? Confidence in yourself. When you can recognize your talents and value and appreciate your unique point of view, you can be generous with your knowledge. Offering support is not only good for the soul but it boosts your likeability and credibility quotient.

How do you know if you have a good versus bad attitude? A good test is the way you talk to yourself. Are you apt to say "I canít do this" when confronted with a challenge? Would you be willing to say "Iím going to figure this out"? By reframing the situation and most importantly, talking encouragingly to yourself, you change your attitude or outlook on getting things done.

Another way to gauge your attitude is to look at yourself in the mirror. What are you saying with the way you present yourself? Are you wearing clothes that are too big or too small? Did you give yourself enough time this morning to find that clever pin that looks so jaunty on your jacket or that straw hat that makes men swoon? Is every message a positive one, communicating your sense of excitement about your job, your family, your state of being?

Do you express enthusiasm? Do you smile without prompting? Are you engaging people throughout the day, sharing ideas and laughing easily so that people know youíre fun to work with? Are you connecting with the right people after hours that love your work and find your attitude refreshing?

A great attitude helps you cruise into the express lane, your foot on the gas.



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