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You know what it's like: You have to make a decision about your business, your job or family life or maybe it's just some feedback on the way you're approaching the world.  You make a mental list of the people that you can call and frankly, everyone is so busy! (I can't figure out what we used to do with all the time that we used to have.  Did everyone knit?)

Who do you call?

If you're lucky, you have one or two people who can help you sort through the information and see the glimmer of truth you're searching for. And if you're in the stratosphere as far as luck is concerned, you have a team of advisors, a virtual "board of directors" to offer you support, advice, strategy, connections, references and most importantly, unbridled enthusiasm for your success.  

Everyone should have a board.  And here's why:

A board (your board) champions your growth and your power. With a board backing you, you can make tough decisions.  You can go out on a limb.  You can push through the barriers that might be holding you back. A board can steer you in the right direction when you've lost your road map.

When I begin working with clients, I want to know who serves on their board.  If they don't have one, we set that as a goal.  As their coach, we work together to identify the individuals who will not only wave the pom-poms but offer constructive and positive feedback. I recommend that clients fill their board with intelligent listeners who are generous with their time and their wise counsel.

A good board should include members with common sense. Never underestimate the joys of spending time with someone who can see the big picture instead of retreating to myopia.  It's also wise to staff your board with master strategists who know where to pull the levers and people who don't keep score; that is, who tend to give rather than take.  These nurturing souls are standouts when you're in a crux and need immediate assistance. And find people who know how to laugh.

Imagine your life with a board that backs you completely because they think you're the greatest.  Imagine surrounding yourself with believers who have talents you can tap when you need them. Imagine not having to go through the tough days of work and life alone.

Everyone should have a board.

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