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'Tis the season. We've too much to do. There are too many phone calls to return, too many emails to sift through. Pure unmitigated joy at life's feverish and exciting pace. Let us celebrate those who:

  • eschewed multi-tasking when on the phone,
  • returned our calls within 24 hours,
  • got to the point when leaving a voicemail,
  • attached documents when they referred to the documents,
  • used email to engage and delight us at the same time they answered our questions or discussed an issue,
  • flagged the subject line to alert us to the time-sensitivity of the message,
  • spell-checked their missives,
  • sent a note by snail mail, and
  • for good measure, threw in some punctuation.

Let us rejoice in those who:

  • took the role of "host" at social functions and introduced people with vivacity and enthusiasm to get the conversation rolling,
  • looked us straight in the eye when conversing rather than searched the room looking for someone more important,
  • kept the cellphone on mute to ensure that our conversation was uninterrupted,
  • took being present seriously,
  • had the confidence to admit when they didn't know something,
  • went to dinner on a Saturday night without the blackberry since everyone knows that rarely does anyone get email of consequence on a Saturday night.

Let us praise those who:

  • praised us,
  • gave referrals,
  • made recommendations,
  • championed others without asking for anything in return,
  • showed up for work/play/life with enthusiasm even when they had a lousy night's sleep, lost money in the stock market or missed the final episode of The Soprano's,
  • never tired of expressing support and encouragement,
  • wished us well, and
  • made us feel good about ourselves.

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