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Please call me.

I mean it. Let's not make make email messages our solo form of communication. There are limits to email. A thank you note, for example. After I spent hours scouring the stores looking for that perfect gift, please don’t send me a “heartfelt” email of thanks. Buy a box of note cards. Skip the boilerplate and let me know how you appreciate my thoughtfulness. Write it by hand in your best handwriting. Affix the stamp and send it. I’ll probably save it and think of you with great affection.

Please call me when you hear or wish to share good news. An email is fine but don’t underestimate how much a phone call can accomplish. Not only can we revel in the happy moment but perhaps we can brainstorm even bigger opportunities.

Please call me when something comes across your desk and you think of me. Not only will I be flattered but I will use the phone call to demonstrate my interest in your success. Both of us will hang up the phone feeling good about how we’re rooting for one another.

Please don’t worry about interrupting me. If I’m in the middle of something, I’ll tell you right away and promise to call you back at a mutually convenient time. I know that’s the reason most people use emails to correspond but we’re missing opportunities to speak and know one another on a very deep and satisfying level. Don’t be afraid to take the chance.

Please call me but when you do, leave your name and phone number. Don’t rush this part on the message – take your time. And remember to keep the voicemail messages to the point and save the stream-of-consciousness thoughts for your blog entries.

Please call me during regular business hours. You may be wide awake at two o’clock in the morning but frankly, a ringing cell phone at that hour is quite alarming. And unnecessary.

As a coach, I welcome the opportunity to do “spot coaching” when something comes up. That’s what I’m here for – to listen, to advise, to counsel, to celebrate the extraordinary and sometimes complicated opportunities that await the fully-engaged individual.

Call me....please.

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