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Have you marketed yourself lately? I'm talking about getting out in the world and letting everyone know you're here. It takes some planning, some thought and a little cash but hey, you're worth it. If you're not willing to invest in yourself, what are you willing to invest in?

Self-marketing is a state of mind, a way of presenting yourself to create resonance and visibility. The game in marketing is to be memorable — when someone needs your service or your products, they'll remember you. Or ask you to serve on the board or step into a leadership role because you've left enough positive impressions along the way.

To be a standout, you've got to stand out:

  • Self-awareness counts: Do you know your strengths? Do you lead with them? If you have a brilliant wit, do you display it when it's appropriate? If you're superb at setting deadlines and beating them, do you take the leadership when something needs to get done?

  • Be memorable: Develop a self-image that's professional but with a little sense of wit. Buy a polka dot tie. Wear marigold pumps with green fishnets. Smile as much as possible.

  • Take the lead on hello: Do you initiate a greeting? Do you communicate in a positive and uplifting way? Do you acknowledge the people around you and recognize their strengths? Do you have a great recommendation on a movie, restaurant, dim sum parlor that you're willing to share? Wear your passion like a corsage.

  • Dress for readiness: That's not a typo, friends. Are you dressed and ready to network, to meet with clients, to walk into a new business presentation? If I spotted you on the street, would I think you're busy, successful and gifted at what you do? If not, you're missing the boat.

  • Power up your energy: Do you have breakfast in the morning to refuel? Do you make the time to eat a healthy lunch? Energy is a huge component to drive and accomplishment. If you're energized, you're sending out those positive messages that support your self-marketing ambitions.

  • Emphasize the manners: In this multi-tasking world, perfect manners may seem like a frivolity rather than a necessity. I don't buy that and neither should you. Do you rise when offering a handshake? Do you hold the door? If everyone has their cell phone to their ear when placing their latte order at Starbucks, go for broke and say hello to the barista. He'll remember you and so will everyone else standing on line.

  • Spin, baby, spin: Always present your current situation in the best possible light. The reason: People gravitate to success with the hopes it will rub off and run away from failure for the same reason.

  • Tune in: Empathy is your ace in the hole. Work hard at listening carefully, picking up cues, recognizing and meeting the emotional needs of the people around you. A genuine interest in others is you at your best and the most persuasive form of advertising.

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